Felt Bundle of 10 Assorted 9" Squares

Choose here from of our mouth-watering range of Felt Bundles of 10 sheets of felt.

We only use the best, softest, easiest to use wool-mix felt (45% wool, 55% viscose) in distinctive shades that are often hard to find elsewhere and will bring your projects to life like no other. Our felt is also very forgiving which makes it a wonderful material to learn sewing and develop intricate embroidery skills.

The 13 colour themes available are:

  • Woodland: marl jade, gold, crimson, marl fawn, sable, biscuit, mustard, burnt orange, moss, chestnut  
  • English Garden: Raspberry, marl dusty pink, candy , biscuit, gold, meadow green, moss, cerise, teal, turquoise
  • Vintage: turquoise, mustard, raspberry, marl turquoise, natural white, marl grey, meadow, grape, marl dusty pink, gold
  • Pastel: Meadow, turquoise, marl dusty pink, natural white, blush pink, candy, biscuit, mint, gold, silver
  • Scandinavian Christmas: crimson, natural white, holly, moss, gold, red, marl grey, chestnut, turquoise, meadow
  • Seaside: peacock, navy, mint, natural white, red, candy, light stone, turquoise, gold, sand
  • Autumn: terracotta, moss, dahlia, mustard, gold, sand, holly, sable, orange, chestnut
  • Flora: Moss, gold, holly, cerise, dahlia, crimson, purple, meadow, natural white, chestnut
  • Furry Creatures: marl grey, chestnut, fawn, natural white, sand, light stone, sable, beige, terracotta, black
  • Heather: marl moss, marl purple, marl grey, marl jade, marl dusty pink, mustard, grape, marl fawn, marl soot, marl turquoise. 
  • Retro Childhood: marl fawn, gold, red, turquoise, chestnut, blush pink, meadow, natural white, crimson, moss
  • Bohemian: holly, moss, teal, mint, rose, crimson, chestnut, cerise, gold, blush pink
  • Nordic Walk: marl turquoise, marl moss, biscuit, marl jade, burnt orange, meadow, marl terracotta, marl purple, gold, marl soot

Use them to create your own projects, to replicate Corinne Lapierre designs you may have already purchased or to make the ideas featured in her bestselling books also available on this site.

You can also purchase DMC skeins

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