Felt Animal Families Book

Perfect for all lovers of woodland creatures, their adventures and stories, Corinne's latest book shows you how to make six beautiful animal families in felt including raccoons, deer, mice, foxes, bears and rabbits, all brought to life with cute outfits and fun accessories.

The animals are made using wool-mix felt that is easy to work with and soft to the touch, and are hand-sewn using simple stitches.

Clear step-by-step instructions are provided for every project, accompanied by gorgeous photographs and Corinne's delightful illustrations, and there are full-scale templates at the back of the book for all the animals, clothes and accessories.

These projects are suitable for crafters of all abilities, including those just starting out, and anyone looking for an imaginative gift.

You'll love the special felt bundle to make all 6 families, with the exact same felt used in the book. You can also purchase individual squares of wool mix felt and DMC skeins.

Product detail

21.6 x 28cm

96 pages

First published in 2020

See below the full detail of felt and DMC colours used. 


Raccoon Family

Felt bodies: marl grey V1, natural/white 45, black 74

Felt clothes & accessories: red 31, gold 112, turquoise V5, chestnut 46

Thread: black 310, light grey 168, Red 817, avocado 469, Blanc white

Bear Family

Felt bodies: sable 43, light stone 42

Felt clothes & accessories: gold 112, meadow V3, marl jade V18, dark brown 47, natural/white 45, black 74

Thread: brown 938, golden yellow 3821, avocado 469, black 310,  dark turquoise 3809

Rabbit Family

Felt bodies: fawn 41, natural/white 45, flesh pink 18

Felt clothes & accessories: dusty pink V8, turquoise V5, meadow V3, moss 60, gold 112, dahlia 34, sand 48

Thread: brown 938, copper 921, light turquoise 3811, almond green 3013, light dusky pink 152, golden yellow 3821, pumpkin spice 720, Blanc white

Mouse Family

Felt bodies: silver 75, natural/white 45, flesh pink 18

Felt clothes & accessories: dusty pink V8, marl jade V18, sable 43, red 31, mustard V2, marl purple V17, sand 48

Thread:  brown 938, light grey 168, red 817, plum 3740

Deer Family

Felt bodies: sand 48, natural/white 45, chestnut 46

Felt clothes & accessories: red 31, mustard V2, marl purple V17, marl soot V22

Thread:  brown 938, copper 921, red 817, avocado 469, black 310, plum 3740

Fox Family

Felt bodies: sand 48, natural/white 45

Felt clothes & accessories: light stone 42, navy 69, red 31, meadow V3, gold 112, turquoise V5, chestnut 46

Thread: brown 938, copper 921, dark turquoise 3809, 3013 almond green, light turquoise 3811, golden yellow 3821, Blanc white

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