DMC Stranded Cotton Embroidery Skeins

We only use the best materials in our kits and that includes the superlative DMC stranded cotton in mouthwatering colours.

Made of 6 easily separated strands, we recommend splitting it and using only one or two stands in your projects so that the embroidery is delicate and detailed. This also means one skein goes a long way!

Made from the best long-staple cotton in the world, this DMC thread is mercerised twice to give it exceptional sheen. The highly resistant dyes are carefully selected to ensure that the thread does not fade as a result of washing or exposure to light (colourfast).

Each skein measures 8 metres / 8.7 yards.  

If you are looking for a shade that is used in a specific kit, please get in touch. 

Collections: Haberdashery

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