Folk Embroidered Felt Birds Book

Corinne's book is sure to delight all those who are love our feathered friends. 

She has created 20 gorgeous bird projects for you to make using felt and her signature folk-inspired embroidered embellishment. Designs include a flamboyant peacock, a vibrant flamingo and a fairy tale swan. 

As ever, Corinne’s inspiration comes from traditional Scandinavian Folk embroidery and the beauty of nature and wildlife around us.

The book includes full scale templates, a comprehensive techniques section, a guide to embroidery stitches and beautifully clear step by step illustrations to accompany every project. 

The projects vary in difficulty but all are accessible to beginners and more experienced crafters. 

To complement the book you can buy a felt bundle containing 25 sheets of our soft wool-mix felt (each 9"/22.5cm square) in nearly all the colours need to make the birds.

You can also purchase individual squares of wool mix felt and DMC skeins

Product details

Size: 222x222 mm

Illustrations: 240

Pages: 96

See below the full detail of felt colours used:                

Robin: sable 43, red 31

Blue Tit: teal V9, natural/white 45, gold 112

Goldfinch: light stone 42, black 74, gold 112, red 31, natural/white 45

Chaffinch: red 31, dark grey 152, sable 43, silver 75

Swan: natural/white 45, sand 48

Pigeon: dark grey 152, marl Grey V1, raspberry V7

Hen: marl fawn V10, sable 43, red 31, gold 112, moss 60

Goose: natural/white 45, dahlia 34

Flamingo: rose 24, flesh pink 18

Peacock: peacock 143, meadow V3, moss 60, turquoise V5, purple 22

Heron: marl grey V1, marl soot V22, gold 112

Pheasant: sand 48, marl turquoise V4, mustard V2, teal V9

Owl: marl fawn V10, sable 43, natural/white 45, sand 48

Song thrush: marl fawn V10, natural/white 45

Dove: Natural/white 45

Stork: natural/white 45, red 31, black 74

Parrot: red 31, gold 112, turquoise V5, teal V9, moss 60

Toucan: Black 74, gold 112, turquoise V5

Puffin: black 74. natural/white 45, dahlia 34

Seagull: natural/white 45, silver 75, gold 112, black 74


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