World Embroidery Day 30th July

July 29, 2022

World Embroidery Day 30th July

Although every day is an embroidery day at Corinne Lapierre, the official World Embroidery Day is July 30th.

It was set up in 2011 by a Swedish Embroiderer’s Guild and since then has spread swiftly around the globe. Their Manifesto states: “The importance of embroidery must be made known and World Embroidery Day will spread around the world. Make 30th July a day filled with creativity for the sake of Peace, Freedom and Equality.”

We could not agree more! 

Read the full Manifesto here

Embroidery around the World

Corinne’s designs are well known to be strongly influenced by folk Scandinavian art but Olivia, our Business Manager, was intrigued to notice many similarities with Middle Eastern embroidery on a recent visit to the wonderful Gulbenkian Museum in Lisbon. “I immediately recognised the deceptively simple designs and patterns inspired by nature that characterize our kits. When combined with vibrant contrasting and coordinating thread colours they create a timeless harmony that is so pleasing to the eye”.

This piece of Ottoman 19th century linen and silk embroidery is part of the Power of the Word exhibition, “a reflection and encounter with the life stories of women who inhabit objects in the collection, originating from Egypt to India and from the twelfth century to today”

In the Ukraine, the third Thursday in May is Vyshyvanka Day. This international holiday is meant to preserve Ukrainian folk traditions through ethnic embroidered clothing called Vyshyvanka.

“Embroidery of towels and shirts is a purely female craft. In olden times mothers taught their daughters to embroider and pass on their knowledge. Why women? Everything is very simple. It was believed that women are the guardians of the family and have positive energy, which is transmitted through embroidery. That is why the embroidered shirt is considered a talisman”.

woman's hands embroidering

Just like Aran Jumper patterns are linked to family clans and their identities, each region of Ukraine has its specific embroidery with different colours, motifs and placement. Cross-stitching is the most popular type of embroidery with geometric and floral patterns commonly used.

Find out more about traditional Ukrainian embroidery.  

We look forward to discovering more fascinating embroidery inspiration from around the world and sharing it with you.

How will you celebrate Word Embroidery Day?

The benefits of creative activities are very many and well proven but this may be the occasion to do something really special and meaningful.

Organise a craft party

Get together with like-minded friends and neighbours for a few hours of stress-free pleasures. You could keep it simple and affordable by asking everyone to bring their own project and sustenance or you can host a workshop with a designated project or theme. It could even be an open door or garden event or fund raiser for your preferred charity. However you do it, make sure you enjoy it too!

world embroidery day party

World Embroidery Day party in Sweden 

Hold a mini craft sale

Let’s face it, most of us have quite the hoard of crafting materials stashed away. Pop a trestle table outside on a sunny day and set up stall with all your surplus goodies, if you can bear to part with them, and meet more friendly people to invite to your next craft party! Again, you could donate the proceeds to charity if you like. 

Craft materials

Teach someone to stitch

Spending time with someone and giving them your full attention is without a doubt the most rewarding gift of all. It’s even more fulfilling if you can share a skill you love and that may prove the start of a lifelong passion. 

Corinne’s own embroidery journey began in childhood. Her mother made and embroidered most of her clothes and, as a 7-year-old, Corinne became utterly fascinated by the intricacy of the embroidery stitches and would spend hours trying to understand how her mum had created them. Nowhere was her skill better displayed than on Corinne's prized pool bag which featured a Holly Hobbie style applique on denim. Maybe something like this?

Ever since, she has sought ideas and inspiration from embroidery all around the world with a particular passion for the use of colour and pattern to bring life to her designs.

Learn a new stitch

Corinne was very excited to use introduce a new stitch, the Feather Stitch, in last month's subscription box Sardines in a Tin project. 

She showed me how the feather stitch is very similar to the fly stitch, but you link the stitches in a different way.

"Start with a fly stitch and then make another one straight to the left of the first one. Keep going by making the next stitch to the right, so that it is below the very first one, then one to the left and so on. When you reach the bottom, end with a little stitch like you would with a fly stitch. Just a little stitch to hold the last V shape" That’s it!

Maybe we should rename it the Scales Stitch? We hope you feel inspired to give it a go on your next project. 

Also, remember Corinne's absolute top tip: split your thread! Just cut a comfortable length and pull out one or two strands for a more delicate look and to make your thread go further. 


We wish you a very happy World Embroidery Day wherever you are! 

Corinne and the team x



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