Monthly Subscription Box

We are so excited to launch our new monthly creative subscription box!
Sign up to receive a monthly box full of creativity direct to your door.
Exclusive designs, felt, embroidery, crafting, stationery and other surprises...
Inspired by nature, folk crafts and seasons, we will put together all the materials and instructions you need for one fabulous project every month.
Your box will also include extra treats, little gifts and inspiration. 
Sign up for yourself or gift the subscription to your favourite friends.
Please note that your subscription will automatically renew every month.
You will receive an email to remind you but you can cancel or pause it at any time.
Our first box will be sent out on 28th May 2020 and around the same time each month thereafter.
You can view our past boxes here.
The photos below give you an idea of what you might expect in a box, but each new box is kept as a surprise.

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