12 Days of Christmas Felt Decorations Book

In response to popular demand, Corinne has compiled this charming book containing all the instructions, full scale templates and stitch guide you need to make the entire set of her quite unique best-selling 12 Days of Christmas hanging decorations.  

Measuring 21 x 21 cm and 44 pages long, it is ring bound so it lays flat for better visibility. The full scale templates can be copied before cutting out or cut directly from the book. 

Perfect for use with Corinne's 12 Days of Christmas Felt Bundle which contains all the felt you need to make all 13 decorations. Yes, 13 as the Pear and Partridge are separate! Please see below for exact colours used in each project. 

A treat for those who love country life, folklore and traditional Christmas themes given a fresh folk feel.

These beautiful delicately embroidered decorations will grace any home all year round but can be used as part of a seasonal decor dotted around the house, as a garland, mobile or hung on the tree. Homemade decorations are especially treasured and will be enjoyed for years to come.

The collection can also be bought as 12 Days of Christmas Felt Kits - The Whole Set and some designs as individual Mini Kits


Felt: V4 Marl Turquoise, V2 Mustard, 39 Biscuit

Thread: 3777 Dark Terracotta, 3740 Plum


Felt: V3 Meadow , 39 biscuit, 60 Moss 

Thread: 3777 Dark Terracotta, 469 Avocado

Turtle Dove

Felt: 41 Fawn, V5 Turquoise, 112 Gold 

Thread: 3821, Golden Yellow, 3740 Plum

French Hen

Felt: V10 Marl Fawn, 112 Gold , 44 Terracotta 

Thread: 938 Brown, 3811 Light Turquoise

Colly Bird

Felt: V22 Marl Soot, V1 Marl Grey, 122 Gold

Thread: 3821 Golden Yellow, 310 Black

Gold Ring

Felt112 Gold , V17 Marl Purple, V5 Turquoise 

Thread: 3821 Golden Yellow, 3809 Dark Turquoise

Goose a-Laying

Felt: 45 Natura, V4 Marl Turquoise, 34 Dahlia

Thread: 3821 Golden Yellow, 938 Brown

Swan a-Swimming

Felt45 Natural, 44 Terracotta, 74 Black

Thread: 3821 Golden Yellow, 924 Teal

Maid a-Milking

Felt: V5 Turquoise, 45 Natural, 44 Terracotta, 18 Blush Pink 

Thread: 938 Brown, 3013 Almond Green

Dancing Shoes

FeltV17 Marl Purple, 18 Blush Pink

Thread: 3740 Plum, 3013 Almond Green

Lord a-Leaping

Felt: V9 Teal, 32 Crimson, 45 Natural, 18 Blush Pink, 43 Sable

Thread: 938 Brown, 3811 Light Turquoise

Piper Piping

Felt: V3 Meadow, 48 sand, 18 Blush Pink, 112 Gold

Thread: 938 Brown, 817 Red


Felt: V5 Turquoise, 31 Red, 112 Gold

Thread: 3821 Golden yellow, 817 Red


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