Folk Embroidered Birds Bundle of 15 Assorted 9" Squares of Felt

  • A special bundle of 15 pieces of felt, each 9" or 22.5 cm square, in most of the shades used in Corinne's Folk Embroidered Felt Birds book. 

    Please note that this pack has been put together carefully to get you started with the projects in the book. It is not intended to make all 20 birds but there is enough felt to make more than half.

    We only use the best, softest, easiest to use wool-mix felt (45% wool, 55% viscose) in distinctive shades that are often hard to find elsewhere and will bring your projects to life like no other. Our felt is also very forgiving which makes it a wonderful material to learn sewing and develop intricate embroidery skills.

    The colours in this pack are: Gold, Natural, Marl Grey, Marl Fawn, Marl Soot, Black, Sable, Turquoise, Red, Teal, Meadow, Rose, Flesh Pink, Sand and Marl Purple.

    Also available - the brown florist's tape used to make the wire feet and legs for the birds in the book.

    Alternatively, you can buy felt by the 9” Square (22.5 cm) for the birds you particularly wish to make.

    Robin: sable 43, red 31

    Blue Tit: teal V9, natural/white 45, gold 112

    Goldfinch: light stone 42, black 74, gold 112, red 31, natural/white 45

    Chaffinch: red 31, dark grey 152, sable 43, marl Grey V1, dark grey 152

    Swan: Natural/White 45, Terracotta 44

    Pigeon: dark grey 152, marl grey V1, raspberry V7

    Hen: marl fawn V10, sable 43, red 31, gold 112, holly 61

    Goose natural/white 45, dahlia 34

    Flamingo: rose 24, flesh pink 18

    Peacock: Peacock 143, meadow V3, holly 61, turquoise V5, purple 22

    Heron: marl grey V1, marl soot V22, gold 112

    Pheasant: sand 48, marl turquoise V4, mustard V2, teal V9

    Owl: marl fawn V10, sable 43, natural/white 45, terracotta 44

    Song thrush: marl fawn V10, natural/white 45

    Dove: natural/white 45

    Stork: natural/white 45, crimson 32, black 74

    Parrot: red 31, gold 112, turquoise V5, teal V9, holly 61 

    Toucan: black 74, gold 112, turquoise V5

    Puffin: black 74. natural/white 45, dahlia 34

    Seagull: natural/white 45, silver 75, gold 112, black 74



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